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Uniform Adjusted Financial Reporting Standards are the foundation for better analysis, leaning on industry expertise and proven results, and a global team of over 100 trained accounting analysts.

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Valens Research's Uniform Accounting framework is the foundation for better decision making.

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Valens offers solutions ranging from newsletters to full institutional support for integrating Uniform Accounting data in your research process. Macroeconomic research, fixed income idea generation, and long/short lists are all available to help asset managers generate alpha for clients.

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Valens’ individual investor arm, Altimetry, brings the same high-quality UAFRS-driven research we provide institutional investors right to your home. Get access to monthly newsletters highlighting the best hidden gems, and unknown stock ideas, as well as the same data institutional investors are using.

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Get access to solutions ranging from daily newsletters, to the full UAFRS Database.


Get access to Valens’ best stock picks, credit ideas, and macroeconomic outlook.

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Access to the full Uniform Accounting Database, to see the real profitability and valuation metrics for companies you want to invest in.

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Our Methodology and Results

Even honestly prepared, standards-compliant financial statements fail to accurately reflect the economics of the company preparing them. This isn’t an indictment of CEOs or CFOs. This is an indictment of GAAP, IFRS, and everything in between.

Current accounting guidelines allow companies to do all sorts of things to their books, or even force management teams to make accounting electives that misrepresent economic reality. That means investors using as-reported financials to make decisions are leaving results up to pure luck.

The most successful investors of our generation know this, and are already way ahead of the pack. They have been taking as-reported financials and making adjustments for years, to make sure the numbers match reality. It’s the only way to make money.

Now, Valens Research is bringing the same high-quality accounting adjustments to all investors. We are bringing Uniform Adjusted Financial Reporting Standards, or UAFRS, to everyone. Even individuals, or small advisors can get the same, economically accurate financial data that some of the best investors in the world are using.

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  • 8,300+ Companies Covered & Restated to Uniform Accounting
  • 300+ Institutional Investors Reading UAFRS Research
  • 70,000+ Professionals Reading Valens Research Monthly

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  • “…a breakthrough that will change the way investing is done. It offers a simple and comprehensive framework for taking on today’s complex financial statements...”
    - Hitendra Patel
  • “There is a powerful, undeniable, link between earnings quality and business values - one very difficult to see without Uniform Accounting, UAFRS.”
    - Dave Daglio
  • “...provides a framework for placing any business discipline in the perspective of overall business strategy...”
    - Belverd E. Needles, Jr. PhD. CPA
  • “Uniform Accounting provides a needed solution—removing many of the inconsistent financial reporting policies. It creates a ‘level playing field’ providing a far clearer view of the financial activity of a firm for investors, creditors, and other users of the financial statements.”
    - Ralph Nach
  • “The macro research has an unbelievable track record over 10 years, where I often disagreed...only to find out later they were right.”
    - Whitney George
  • “...insights are needed to connect core principles of wealth creation to both reported financial performance and firm valuations in the stock market. They've put it all together for you...”
    - Bartley J. Madden

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